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P. Pink Princess

P. Pink Princess

Last Watered: 7 days ago
More Info Location: Unknown
Schedule: Water every 6 days
Bought: Oct. 24, 2022
Fertilized: 6/20/23 | Repotted: 12/17/22


9/26/23: It was still kinda wet after 7 days! See how it reacts to moist watering

8/16/23: Moved from 10 to 6 days

8/6/23: Watered after 12 days

6/30/23: Updated to every 10 days cuz it gets warm in the office

6/20/23: Watered and fertilized

3/28/23: Watered after 22 days

1/31/23: Watered after 15 days

1/16/23: Watered after 18 days

12/29/22: Watered after 12 days

12/17/22: Repotted!

11/29/22: Watered after 26 days, the soil was somehow still moist??? Probably need to put it in new soil, it’s like a sponge!!!

11/21/22: Still really damp after 18 days!!! Wtf?

11/15/22: Still really damp after 12 days, added chopsticks to pot to increase airflow hopefully

11/10/22: It looks like some lower leaves are starting to yellow, maybe need to water less often?

11/3/22: Watered after 10 days, big new leaf finally detached from mother leaf

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