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Fiddle Fig (L)

Fiddle Fig (L)

Last Watered: 12 days ago
More Info Location: Living Room
Schedule: Water every 10 days
Bought: Oct. 1, 2020
Fertilized: 6/21/23 | Treated: 7/6/21


11/18/23: Another big leaf just yellowed! Keep watering after 11 days… need less? More??? Still no new leaves!

9/19/23: No new leaves in a long time :( watered after 11 days

8/17/23: Watered after 16 days, all yellow leaves have fallen off now so back to all green!

7/17/23: Wiped leaves, so sad about these yellow leaves…

7/4/23: 3 small leaves are slowly turning yellow, large leaf on small guy is yellowing, maybe over fertilized????

6/21/23: Fertilized!

5/2/23: Watered after 17 days, fertilized too!

4/15/23: Watered after 3 days, new leaves had started to flop already AND it felt super dry! See what happens

4/12/23: Watered after 13 days, new baby leaves looked droopy!

3/30/23: Watered after 14 days; 2 new leaves coming! Loves the sun in the new apartment

1/31/23: Watered after 11 days

1/20/23: Watered after 15 days

1/5/23: Watered after 13 days

12/23/22: Watered after 18 days

12/5/22: Watered after 14 days

11/21/22: Watered after 12 days

11/9/22: Watered after 15 days

10/25/22: Watered after 11 days

10/14/22: Watered after 11 days, turned it a bit to give the other stalks some sun (see if they send out any leaves!

10/3/22: A leaf yellowed and fell off! Sad. Watered after 10 days

9/23/22: Watered after 11 days

9/12/22: Watered after 13 days

8/30/22: Watered after 15 days

8/15/22: Mom watered after 11 days

8/4/22: Mom watered after 13 days

7/22/22: Watered after 10 days by mom

7/2/22: Soaked after 2 days

6/30/22: Watered after 17 days; I think it liked being dry!?!? New leaves coming up!

6/11/22: Watered after 14 days

5/28/22: Watered after 11 days

4/21/22: Watered after 10 days

4/11/22: Watered after 16 days

3/10/22: Watered after 13 days

2/25/22: Watered after 9 days, another leaf fell off

2/17/22: Watered after 10 days, 4 leaves fell off because I took way too long to water it last time…

2/7/22: Watered after 24 days and it’s really mad at me… oops

1/14/22: Watered after 16 days, fertilized!

12/15/21: Watered after 21 days

3/26/22: Watered after 16 days

11/24/21: Fertilized!

11/24/21: Watered after 13 days

11/11/21: Watered after 12 days

10/30/21: Watered after 10 days, another leaf completely yellowed! Wtf

10/18/21: Pulled off a blotchy yellow leaf, fertilized and watered after 15 days

10/3/21: Watered after 19 days

9/14/21: Watered after 13 days (top.) I think two new leaves came in on small guy and two on one of the big guy stalks!

9/1/21: Watered after 13 days. It looks like planted head may spring up a new leaf???

8/8/21: Watered after 10 days

7/29/21: After 3 months, finally planted head back in (it had grown a ton of roots in the water!) Watered after 8 days. It was VERY dry.

7/21/21: Watered after 15 days from top

7/6/21: Watered after 15 days and fertilized! Keep that growth coming! Also sprayed for spider mites

6/21/21: Bottom watered after 10 days, growth has halted… I wonder why?

6/11/21: Bottom watered after 9 days, fertilized!

6/2/21: Bottom watered after 10 days

5/23/21: Bottom watered after 12 days

5/17/21: I can see FIVE little growth nodes popping out! Does this mean five new branches!?

5/11/21: 8 days since beheading and I can see teeny buds popping out below the cut!!! Exciting stuff! Also bottom watered for half an hour

5/2/21: BEHEADED! Watered after 10 days with hydroflask

4/22/21: Watered with 3 tall glasses after 11 days

4/11/21: Watered with nalgene after 14 days

3/28/21: Watered after 17 days

3/11/21: Watered after 16 days with two tall cups

2/23/21: Watered after 15 days

2/8/21: Watered after 15 days, was VERY dry. But that’s what I wanted

1/13/21: Wiped leaves! And drenched after 16 days. TWO leaves have popped out

1/7/21: New leaf finally popped out!

12/28/20: Fertilized!

12/18/20: Watered after 14 days, looks like another leaf nodule is coming up!

12/15/20: Still looks very wet, but also looks like it’s growing at the top! Will keep an eye on it

12/4/20: Drenched with 6 cups after 11 days. Maybe drench every other time? And do 3 cups the rest?

11/30/20: Still pretty wet after 7 days, bumped to 10

11/23/20: LOVES it’s new spot by the window! Has TWO new leaves coming out! I can’t remember the last time it had a new leaf

10/29/20: Watered a lot after 9 days

10/9/20: Leaf yellowed! Maybe too much fertilizer?? It’s like the green faded to yellow gradually, not spots, veins still a bit green

10/1/20: Fertilized!

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