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White BOP

White BOP

Last Watered: 87 days ago
More Info Location: Patio
Schedule: Water every 14 days
Bought: May 9, 2020
| Treated: 5/12/21


2/27/23: New leaf coming up! First new leaf since June when it moved upstairs! Thrived on neglect…?

1/27/23: Watered after 16 days

1/11/23: Watered after 29 days

12/13/22: Watered after 22 days; showered off (kinda looked like mites along leaf rib)

12/1/22: Still wet on top after 10 days, move to 14

8/4/22: Mom watered after 13 days

7/22/22: Watered after 10 days by mom

4/21/22: Watered after 10 days

4/11/22: New leaf coming!

3/20/22: New leaf came out!

3/10/22: New leaf sprouting out! Watered after 13 days

1/7/22: Helped leaf start to unfurl by peeling off natural tape on middle of leaf!

12/3/21: Watered after 10 days

11/23/21: Watered after 12 days, getting really tall and pointy

11/11/21: Watered after 14 days

10/28/21: Watered with one big UT cup

10/18/21: Died outside. One infant leaf left. Will it survive? Only time will tell.

9/14/21: SO many spider mites… also another new leaf on big guy!!! Wtf!!!

9/1/21: Watered after 13 days; NEED TO SEPARATE

8/19/21: Watered after 11 days

8/8/21: Leaves are really curled, watered after 3 days

8/5/21: Watered after 11 days

7/16/21: Watered after 10 days with two full hydro flasks; wiped off all dust and found spider mites colonies are back! Try neem oil and cotton balls

7/6/21: Watered after 8 days with one full hydro flask

6/21/21: Watered after 10 days, 2 new leaves coming!

6/11/21: Watered after 9 days

6/2/21: Watered after 10 days

5/23/21: Watered after 11 days, wiped down again because missed some mites

5/12/21: Watered after 5 days and treated for spider mites! 1.5 hydro flasks worth of water. I think it may need repotting soon...

5/7/21: Watered after 11 days, way too long

4/26/21: Watered after 7 days, also turned it because it was leaning

4/19/21: Watered after 10 days, spider mites on lowest old leaves

4/9/21: Watered after 7 days with nalgene

4/2/21: Watered after 5 days

3/28/21: Watered after 7 days with 4 large glasses

3/21/21: Watered after 10 days

3/11/21: Watered with 4 tall cups after 6 days because the leaves were already curling

3/5/21: Watered after 10 days

2/23/21: Watered after 9 days, two leaves continue to come up! Exciting

2/14/21: Maria watered

2/7/21: TWO NEW LEAVES COMING IN!!! Also, switched it with the monsters so it’s out of the direct sun

1/15/21: Watered after 5 days, gets really curly in the sun! Need to inspect roots

1/13/21: Wiped off leaves

1/10/21: Watered after 9 days. Big new leaf is fully uncurled now!

1/1/21: Maria watered it after 9 days

12/23/20: Maria had to water it after 3 days, probably because it was so thirsty from the last time

12/20/20: Got REALLY curly after 10 days and stems got wrinkled, moved down to 8 to check

12/10/20: Got curly after 10 days! So switched it to 10 instead

11/30/20: TWO NEW LEAVES! New from both baby and mom. Changed from 6 days to 14 days now that it’s inside and a few feet from S window

11/15/20: Moved into apartment!

10/20/20: Watered after 7 days instead of 8, leaves are very curled in!

10/13/20: Baby has new leaf coming up! Watered after 4 days because the leaves were all weirdly curled

10/9/20: Watered after 10 days, leaves curled! Moved down to 8

9/23/20: New leaf coming up in big plant!

9/20/20: Watered after 11 days (missed 2 days)

8/7/20: New leaf coming up

6/9/20: Sprayed for mealy bugs with neem oil (white powder looming clumps)

5/25/20: Lost a lot of leaves to yellowing :( probably just getting acclimated

5/10/20: Spider mites from HEB!

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