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ZZ Plant (L)

ZZ Plant (L)

Last Watered: 23 days ago
More Info Location: Bedroom
Schedule: Water every 22 days
Bought: Aug. 13, 2020
Fertilized: 5/23/22 | Repotted: 12/17/22


3/8/24: Four new shoots!!! Yay!

9/23/23: Watered after 23 days, pulled one dead stalk out, two new stalks! One old stalk has yellowed leaves, hopefully doesn’t get worse

8/31/23: Watered after 27 days

4/26/23: Watered after 22 days; a long stem had a leaf yellow, maybe slightly angry since I moved it into our room and its getting less light?

4/4/23: Watered after 25 days

2/9/23: Watered after 26 days, one stock yellowed and flopped

1/14/23: Watered after 27 days; definitely 4-5 stalks yellowed and died from the repot but it seems to be stabilizing

12/17/22: Repotted!

11/2/22: Watered after 22 days

10/11/22: Watered after 26 days; a new stalk came up! Still need to repot

9/15/22: Watered after 24 days, new stem popping! One stem completely turned brown (previously yellow) and a couple more have yellow tipped leaves… I still think repot is best answer

8/22/22: BACK! Watered after 25 days. One small stem completely yellow, two more stems have yellow tips. Probably time to repot!

7/28/22: Mom watered after 22 days

7/5/22: Watered after 18 days

6/17/22: Watered after 25 days, still yellowing, repot????

5/23/22: Hmmmm it looks like two separate stems are starting to yellow, gonna fertilize

4/28/22: Pulled off yellow leaf on big stalk, doesn’t look like any more started yellowing so it might be happy now that it’s fertilized

4/5/22: Some leaves are yellowing, maybe needs to go in a new pot???

3/10/22: Watered after 25 days, a new big node is coming up!

2/13/22: Watered after 37 days

1/7/22: Watered after 23 days, new nodes are fully unfurled!

11/23/21: Watered after 26 days, two nodes have sprouted up!

10/28/21: Watered after 25 days, 2 nodes are poking out! Fun

10/3/21: Watered after 32 days

9/1/21: I think new node shriveled and died…? :( watered after 24 days. Maybe it was too long for a baby node

8/8/21: Noticed a new node coming up!

7/16/21: Watered after 23 days

6/23/21: Watered after 23 days

5/7/21: Watered after 24 days, tiny new growth nodule coming up!

4/13/21: Watered after 23 days

3/21/21: Watered after 23 days

2/26/21: Watered after 23 days

1/15/21: Watered after 18 days and washed leaves off in sink

12/28/20: Fertilized! Watered after 24 days

10/19/20: Watered after 24 days

9/25/20: New baby nodule coming!!! Also accidentally broke off two leaves :( very easy to do if you apply force going down stem

8/10/20: Lives 10’ from south window

1/27/20: New growth nodules coming up

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