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Pilea (L)

Pilea (L)

Last Watered: 5 days ago
More Info Location: Kitchen
Schedule: Water every 6 days
Bought: Jan. 20, 2020
Fertilized: 6/14/23 | Repotted: 9/30/22


6/14/23: Watered and fertilized!

1/11/23: Watered after 13 days

9/30/22: Repotted

8/30/22: Watered after 8 days, NEEDS REPOT!!

8/22/22: BACK! Droopy, gotta keep an eye on it

8/15/22: Mom watered after 11 days

8/4/22: Watered after 7 days

7/28/22: Watered after 9 days, moved down to 6

7/18/22: Mom watered after 9 days

7/2/22: Watered after 15 days, too long

5/28/22: Watered after 5 days

3/26/22: Fertilized!

3/20/22: Watered after 10 days

10/18/21: Fertilized!

9/24/21: Watered after 10 days

7/29/21: Watered after 8 days

7/21/21: Watered after 9 days, pulled off two old large leaves

7/12/21: Watered after 6 days, moved to lamp stand in living room to hopefully get more light cuz it’s newest leaves were tiny!

7/6/21: Watered after 7 days, new leaves are definitely smaller now that it’s been away from sun for quite a while

6/29/21: Watered after 8 days

6/21/21: Watered after 4 days

6/7/21: Watered after 10 days

5/28/21: Watered after 10 days

5/25/21: 7 days later (schedule set to 5) and it’s still wet! It’s been cloudy though

4/26/21: Watered after 5 days, turned 180 degrees

4/6/21: Watered after 9 days

3/21/21: Watered after 6 days

3/15/21: Watered after 7 days

3/9/21: Moved out of full sun to bed side table, let’s see how it reacts!

3/8/21: Watered after 6 days, losing 3 more leaves. I think I need to move it out of full sun...

3/2/21: Watered after 8 days, gonna lose 2 more leaves but babies are doing great

2/22/21: Soaked after 2 days

2/20/21: Maria watered after 9 days

2/10/21: Watered after 7 days. Leaves are splotchy and pock marked, I think it’s getting sun burned! Maybe I should move it...? Babies are so happy though

1/28/21: Watered after 6 days. Lost two leaves, gonna lose two more. They are turning yellow with brown crispy spots on them. The babies are very happy though!

1/15/21: Fertilized! Watered after 2 days

1/13/21: Watered after 4 days, plucked off a dead leaf. TONS of pups coming up though!

1/9/21: Watered after 5 days, lost another leaf

1/4/21: Watered after 8 days, lost another leaf and going to lose 3 more

12/27/20: Maria watered!

12/19/20: Plucked off 8 leaves so far. Also, drooping after only 3 days! Watered it

12/10/20: Changed from 7 to 5 days, gonna lose 10 leaves to yellowing because of the change of location I think, but it’s making plenty of new leaves!

12/5/20: Watered after 5 days cuz started to droop

11/30/20: Watered after 7 days, six leaves yellowed! But also really droopy? Must be sad from move still, I don’t think it’s overwatering because it’s droopy...

11/23/20: Watered after 7 days

11/18/20: Updated from 12 to 6 days, now that it’s on my desk in a S window instead of under the kitchen light. Took a couple weeks, but now it seems totally acclimated! Can’t wait to see it’s growth now

11/16/20: Watered after 6 days; now that it’s in full sun, looks droopy quick!

11/11/20: Plucked off one of the other two dying ones from last time

11/10/20: VERY sad! Did not do well with the move! Lost a leaf, looks like it’s losing 2 more. Watered after 7 days

11/3/20: Watered after 6 days instead of 12 because I moved it from under the kitchen strip lights to my desk in full sun/S window. Looks like 2 leaves are yellowing

10/28/20: Watered after 15 days instead of 12

10/13/20: Leaves really droopy after 11 instead of 12, watered!

9/20/20: Watered after 19 days

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