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Silver Pothos

Silver Pothos

Last Watered: 1 day ago
More Info Location: Bedroom
Schedule: Water every 9 days
Bought: March 2, 2020
Fertilized: 6/14/23 | Repotted: 12/17/22


6/27/23: Watered after 13 days

6/14/23: Fertilized!

5/12/23: Fertilized!

1/25/23: Watered after 10 days

1/15/23: Watered after 9 days, smaller guy seems really dry, bigger seems ok, let’s see if they react

1/6/23: Watered both after 9 days, soil seemed REALLY dry

12/28/22: Watered both after 11 days

12/17/22: Repotted!

12/13/22: Watered after 12 days, seven leaves yellowed! So tragic

10/11/22: Watered after 11 days

9/30/22: Added soil, cut roots

8/30/22: Watered after 15 days

8/15/22: Mom watered after 11 days

8/4/22: Mom watered after 17 days

7/18/22: Mom watered after 13 days

7/5/22: Watered after 9 days

6/26/22: Watered after 15 days

5/31/22: Watered after 11 days

5/28/22: Plucked off the 3 yellow leaves from last time, trimmed legginess

5/20/22: Watered after 11 days, looked really perky still! But three leaves yellowed, including one of the huge old ones :(

4/28/22: Watered after 10 days, plucked off 4 yellow leaves :( maybe it didn’t like being watered quickly last time when I potted those new guys in

4/18/22: Watered after 5 days, planted new props

4/1/22: Watered after 12 days

3/20/22: Fertilized!

3/10/22: Watered after 12 days

2/25/22: Watered after 9 days

2/7/22: Watered after 14 days

1/11/22: Watered after 13 days, 6 leaves yellowing/yellowed

12/3/21: Watered after 11 days

11/10/21: Watered after 11 days, 4 leaves yellowed, still too long

10/18/21: Watered after 12 days, gave it a buzz cut and fertilized it. 12 is definitely too long. 9 or even 8 seems to be sweet spot

8/31/21: Watered after 12 days

8/19/21: Watered after 14 days

8/5/21: Watered after 11 days, two yellow leaves

7/25/21: Watered after 9 days, plucked off one yellow leaf

7/16/21: Three leaves yellowed, I totally called it! Watered after 11 days because leaves are curling. Moved schedule from 12 to 9 days

7/5/21: Watered after 12 days; seemed like WAY too long because all leaves curled. I think a lot are gonna be damaged from this and yellow… we’ll see

6/23/21: Old leaf yellowed

6/10/21: Watered after 15 days

5/25/21: Fertilized! Watered after 13 days, plucked off old yellow leaf

5/12/21: Watered after 12 days and trimmed! Only 1 leaf is yellowing now

5/11/21: Plucked off FOUR yellow leaves! Maybe 16 days was too much??? Stick with 12 for a bit and see if that keeps happening. If so, then maybe TOO much water!

4/30/21: Watered after 16 days. Potted babies in too! Now there aren’t any more in the prop station. Also plucked off old yellow leaf and another old leaf is starting to yellow

4/14/21: Drenched after 12 days

4/2/21: AGAIN: drenched after 12 days, plucked off yellow leaf, fertilized

3/21/21: Drenched after 12 days, leaf yellowed

3/9/21: Watered after 14 days, one leaf yellowed. I didn’t soak it though so keep an eye on it

2/22/21: Potted babies in with it! They had nice long roots from being in the water, I think they will do well in the big pot

2/7/21: Watered after 14 days. Picked off 2 yellow leaves. Also gave it a haircut!

1/9/21: Watered after 13 days

1/4/21: It is freaking THRIVING

12/27/20: Maria watered!

12/12/20: Plucked off those two yellow leaves and soaked it

11/30/20: Watered after 14 days, it’s super droopy and two leaves yellowed! I think it’s because I didn’t soak it last time, just gave it a bit of water... check after 14 again (moved up from 8)

11/16/20: Watered after 16 days! Changed from 9 to 16 now that it is 5 feet from S window instead of on sill. Plucked off one yellow leaf. May need to do 14 days? See if any more leaves yellow

11/6/20: Haircut day!

10/31/20: Watered after 9 days instead of 8, plucked two dead leaves off and one yellow is left

10/22/20: ANOTHER leaf yellowed, so that’s 2 total since the 4 plucked

10/13/20: Watered after 12 days instead of 8 because it’s been off the window sill, on my dresser

10/1/20: Repotted! Was pretty root bound. Fertilized too. 4 leaves plucked off, 1 more is yellowing.

9/27/20: 3 leaves yellowed! Maybe watered too often? But leaves looked curled last time... maybe try to fertilize next time!!!

9/20/20: Watered after 13 days again

9/7/20: Watered after 13 days (instead of 8) because waited for leaves to curl; one leaf had yellowed so plucked it off

8/6/20: Water when leaves start to curl inward

5/20/20: Watering was every 18 days 10’ from south window, every 10 days when on south window sill

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