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Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm

Last Watered: 5 days ago
More Info Location: Bedroom
Schedule: Water every 5 days
Bought: Jan. 11, 2020
Fertilized: 3/12/24 | Repotted: 4/21/22 | Treated: 4/20/24


4/20/24: Sprayed again!

3/28/24: Showered and sprayed bug juice!

3/12/24: Fertilized!

5/30/23: Watered after 5 days! So dry! Moved down to 5, see what happens

5/12/23: Fertilized!

1/25/23: Bottom watered after 12 days again

1/13/23: Bottom watered after 12 days, seems really dry!

12/18/22: Bottom watered after 17 days

12/1/22: Moved from 8 to 11 so topsoil can dry out

10/11/22: Watered after 10 days, slightly too long

9/15/22: Moved from 10 to 8

8/30/22: Watered after 8 days

8/22/22: BACK! Watered after 18 days. Definitely way too dry, gotta keep an eye on it!

8/4/22: Mom watered after 17 days

7/18/22: Mom watered after 16 days

7/2/22: Watered after 15 days

6/17/22: Watered after 17 days, it looks dry

5/31/22: Watered after 13 days, let’s see how it responds

5/28/22: Still looks wet after 10 days, moved up to 12

5/4/22: Watered after 13 days, looked kinda droopy? Maybe from repot though; tons of fronds are coming up!

4/21/22: Repotted!

4/21/22: Replanted!

2/7/22: Watered after 14 days

12/29/21: Watered after 4 days

12/3/21: Watered after 9 days

11/24/21: Watered after 6 days, fertilized!

11/2/21: Watered after 10 days, brought schedule down from 10 to 7

10/23/21: Watered after 12 days. Brought schedule down to 10

10/11/21: Watered after 17 days. Oops

9/3/21: Watered after 9 days

8/12/21: Watered after 14 days

7/29/21: Watered after 13 days, cut off yellowing fronds. Moved schedule from 14 to 14

7/25/21: Still wet after 9 days, moved schedule up to 14 since it’s far from window

7/16/21: Watered after 17 days now that it’s moved away from sunny spot into my room

7/6/21: Wet after 7 days, probably because I moved it from high sun spot into my room (to try to get the fronds to be darker green again.) Keep checking soil and determine new schedule

6/29/21: Watered after 8 days

5/28/21: Watered after 11 days

5/17/21: Watered, cut off 2 dead fronds

4/29/21: Watered after 8 days. Fronds look droopy. Maybe still too long?

4/21/21: Watered after 8 days

4/13/21: Watered after 11 days, very dry!

4/2/21: Fertilized! Watered after 12 days. Moved out of direct sun because its fronds were yellowing; see if they start to turn dark green again

3/21/21: Watered after 10 days

3/11/21: Watered after 16 days

2/23/21: Watered after 13 days

2/10/21: Watered after 17 days. I thought the soil was wet but it was actually very dry! My bad. It has one massive frond about to open and one smaller one, and two fronds are in the process of opening right now. But definitely some have yellowed because of the long wait

1/14/21: Watered after 10 days

1/4/21: Watered after 14 days instead of 7. Two new fronds are unfurling, 1 more is on the way!

12/8/20: Lots of fronds coming up! Fertilized because a couple old fronds started looking weirdly yellow

11/7/20: Moved down from 10 to 7 days now that it’s in full sun in an S window

11/3/20: One lower frond yellowed, but I see 2 new ones coming up! Did pretty well on the side of S window, now it’s on sill of S window

10/11/20: Seems pretty happy now! 3 new fronds coming up

10/1/20: When watered in shower, fronds all splayed out/fell over! Retied with floss. May be because of the soil I used to cover the roots a month ago, the kind that doesn’t get wet if water splashes on it. So take watering down from every 14 days to every 10

10/1/20: Fertilized! Watered after 11 days, cut off 5 yellowing small fronds. Maybe because I missed the 2 days? Check how it is after more frequent watering this time

9/20/20: Watered after 16 days instead of 14, seems fine

9/4/20: Topped off with organic potting soil because roots were showing

8/6/20: Located 2’ directly to the side of south window, lots of new fronds coming up!

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